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We provide a wide array of ultraviolet and ozone disinfection products and accessories including: UV disinfection products featuring:

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  • High-performance, energy-efficient, long-lasting UV lamps that inactivate more than 99.99% of all waterborne pathogens in just seconds
  • Sizes ranging from drinking water systems handling flow rates of 8.5 to 40 MGD m3to scalable UV systems for municipal wastewater that can handle virtually unlimited flow rates
  • Ozone systems used for oxidation of contaminants (e.g., viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, taste, odor and color-causing compounds) to enhance overall water treatment processes and for industrial processes (e.g., bleaching, surface treatment).
  • Sizes range from small ozone generator units to customized systems for large ozone capacities of more than 15,800 pounds per day (ppd) (300 Kg/h) per unit

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