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DTA Water Technologies is dedicated to serving the oil and gas industry.

With a wide array of processes, the hydrocarbon processing industry is facing major challenges for economies of scale, constant productivity optimization, safety and environmental constraints.

Water is a major component in all phases of the hydrocarbon processing industry

  • Reliability of supply of process water
  • Treatment of water loaded with organic pollution and specific compounds (mercaptans, sulphides)
  • Elimination of heavy metals
  • Recycling of used water
  • Network maintenance/preservation
  • Treatment of sludge

We have a complete range of water treatment solutions for the production of cooling water, process water and boiler water, and the treatment of effluent loaded with hydrocarbons, ballast water, water from contaminated water tables, etc.

The production of process water (cooling, demineralised, boiler water):

  • By demineralisation to eliminate the salinity of boiler water
  • By filtration in order to reduce the quantity of suspended matter for process water
  • By ultrafiltration for the complete elimination of particles (bacteria, parasites, viruses, organic molecules and colloids)

The treatment of water loaded with hydrocarbons and recycling:

  • by the API, CPI, DAF, DCI, DGF, DNF processes
  • by biological processes to eliminate COD and suspended matter content from diluted effluent
  • by MBR, combining aerobic digestion with separation by ultrafiltration membranes, to eliminate organic pollution
  • by a physical/chemical finishing process to eliminate heavy metals and allow the reuse of the water
  • by reverse osmosis to recycle the effluent

DANATIVARA capabilities cover all types of activities to fulfill the upper most requirements of your water cycle.

  • Oil refineries
  • Natural gas processing plants
  • Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Gas-To-Liquids (GTL)
  • Biomass-To-Liquids (BTL)
  • Petrochemical industries

Furthermore, we offer a full range of services that cover the complete processing of your water treatment installations, the maintenance, technical assistance and the location of mobile water treatment units to meet any temporary needs (emergencies, maintenance, etc.).