Customize a membrane cleaning program that will eliminate scale-forming constituents from your RO feed water, keeping your system operating at peak efficiency.

Our solutions for membrane treatment include anti-foulants to prevent biological growth and organic fouling, and scale inhibitors to increase the time between cleaning and enhance performance. Scale formation requires increased pressure to provide the same quantity of pure water.

RO OPERATIONS ENHANCEMENT Industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems can treat virtually any feed water if certain feed water quality guidelines are met. Good pre-treatment is necessary to remove the suspended solids, colloidal material, metals, and other contaminants and to keep the RO system on line and functioning well. Pressure vessels, charged with various types of filter media, are used to remove suspended solids and other unwanted materials from wastewater. The filter type you need depends on what you want to remove.

DANATIVARA has a new solution for preventing the formation microbiological growth on RO membranes using aqueous chlorine dioxide