IntegraHeat Electric Heating Package for Process Systems – IEPH-100-Feature-Benefit

Electric Process

Heating Systems


 Electric Process Heating Systems are flanged heater bundles & control panels designed in accordance with DTA technical specification to electrically heat liquids and gases.

Standard Features – Process

IntegraHeat™ Electric Heater Process Sizing Software


  • Accurate Selection of Heater Size & Watt Density Based on the Process Application Parameters
  • Predict Accurate Element/Process Temperature

ASPEN Simulation of Complete Process


  • Process Guarantee

Element Watt Density Selection by Application


  • Prevent Coking Heater Bundle Elements
  • Proper Heat Transfer to the Process

DTA Technical Specification


  • Technical Specification for the Design, Fabrication, Inspection, & Testing of Industrial Grade Electric Process Heaters & Heater Control Panels

Standard Features – Electrical

Programmable Logic Control (PLC)


Flexible Process Control

  • Outlet Temperature Control Applications
  • Differential Temperature Control Applications
  • Pressure Control Applications

Process Control for Complete Process (in addition to Heater Control)

Flexible Number of Digital Inputs/Outputs

Flexible Number of Thermocouple/RTD Inputs

Expandable Analog Inputs/Outputs Modules

PID Loop Tracking – Bumpless Transfer

Individual Alarm(s) for each Thermocouple/RTD/Analog Input

Adjustable Delay Timer for Thermocouple/RTD/Analog Alarm(s)

Easy Troubleshooting


Standard Features – Electrical

“Low Select” Over Ride Logic Control           


Optimize Heater Bundle Temperature by Comparing

  • Heater Bundle Temperature PID Loop
  • Process Temperature PID Loop(s)

Accurate Heater Bundle Set Point Control

  • Eliminate Extreme High Element Temperature
  • Prevents Heater Bundle Degradation

Independent PID Loop Tuning


Load Management Control

Modulate Number of Energized Circuits to Prevent

Power Grid Spikes at Low Load Requirements

Manage Time Each Circuit is Energized to Match the Load Requirement

Equalize SCR Operation Time


Human Machine Interface (HMI) by Color Touch Screen Graphic Display

Graphical Process Representation

Operator Friendly

Visual Process & Heater Bundle Temperature Monitoring

Visual Process & Heater Bundle Temperature Set Point Entry

Visual Alarm and Alarm Timer Delay Set Point Entry Visual Process

Heater Bundle Temperature Loop

Tuning Parameter Entry

Visual Process & Heater Bundle Temperature PID Loop Trending

  • Set Points
  • Process Variables
  • Control Variables

Alarm History Backlog Viewing

Visual Alarm Banner Popup for Selected Alarm(s)

Visual Digital & Analog Maintenance Alarm Capabilities


Finger Safe

Prevent Accidental Electrical Shock

Tidy Layout

Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) Power

Modulate Power to Energize Heater Bundle Solid State Device

  • Increases Component Life
  • No Mechanical/ Moving Parts

24 VDC Digitally (or Analog) Fired


Heater Bundle Over Temperature Limit

Protect the Heater Bundle from Permanent Damage

De-energize Heater Bundle


Ground Fault Detection

Prevents Permanent Damage from System Grounding Problem(s)


Two (2) Heater Bundle Temperature Sensing Elements

One Element Used for Controlling Heater Bundle Temperature

One Element Used for Heater Bundle Shutdown

  • Located at the Hottest Part of the Heater Bundle