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Conventional media filtration systems are available as either gravity or pressurized type with media selection to suit the treatment strategy.

When Conventional pre-treatment is not sufficient, the use of a Micro Filtration (MF) / Ultra Filtration (UF) systems is a solution for the removal of suspended solids, viruses and bacteria from a feed water source.MF/UF provides excellent pre-treatment for Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) and high turbidity brackish water sources.

DANATIVARA has a wide range of experience with pre-treatment filtration systems and membranes. DANATIVARA will work with you to both optimize your current pre-treatment system, and provide consultation on improving the system. One type of current open sand filter which retains suspended particulate matter in raw water, thanks to a thick layer of sand. The homogeneity of the sand increases the filter run time, while the thickness enables filtration at high speeds and the high water head (1.20m) prevents degasification.

DANATIVARA has also experience supporting a variety of membrane and filter operations such as: Brim, Carbon Filters, Greensand, Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration, Multi-media Filtration, and Sand Filters.