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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, odorless, electrically non conductive gas with an approximate density 50% greater than air.

It is stored in steel cylinders as a liquid, under pressure. When applied to a fire, it provides a blanket of heavy gas that reduces the oxygen content of the atmosphere to a point where combustion becomes impossible. In addition, CO2 gas provides a cooling effect and leaves no residue. It dissipates into the atmosphere, allowing for rapid cleanup and minimal downtime.

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There are both high pressure and low pressure CO2 fire protection systems. Low pressure CO2 suppression systems are ideal for covering large areas cost-effectively.

One of the main applications for Carbon Dioxide Systems is in industrial processes where flammable liquids and vapors present a potential fire hazard. Fires spread rapidly and become so intense that many times they cannot be approached, let alone be extinguished with the usual portable fire equipment. A “fixed CO2 system” designed specifically for the hazard and operated automatically assured immediate detection and rapid suppression.

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