Carbon filter is media filter yet not like other media


Strange, but true. Its working principle is different.

Not all suppliers in this field realize this. That’s one

of the factors that make DTA’s activated carbon

filters distinct from the ordinary substandard masses.

DTA’s activated carbon filters come with virgin

activated carbon media possessing high adsorption

capability. On top of it, these filters are designed in

such as a way that the media is optimally utilized. This results into longer life cycle

of the media, resulting into greater output with consistent

and required water quality.

Our activated carbon filters are used in order to remove chlorine,

organics, tri-halo methane’s (THM’s) odour and color. In the

process the taste of the water also gets improved.


  • Modular design – each plant is one module
  • Pre-fabricated – pre-engineered, pre-assembled, Factory tested
  • Design code-ASME/IS
  • Working pressure -1.1 to 3.5 bar
  • Designed for – up to 10 bar pressure
  • Scalable – just add module to raise capacities
  • durable
    • All components of proven quality
    • Excellent workmanship
    • Excellent quality of media
    • Easy maintenance design
    • Low maintenance quality


  • Retrofit ready: can be integrated to variety of water
  •  and waste water treatment systems


Capacity capability

  • flow rate range – 1 M3/hr to 400 M3/hr
  • filtration velocity – 6 to 18 M3/hr/M2
  • EBCT (Effective Bed Contact Time)- 2 to 30 minutes
  • Chlorine, color and odour removal – 85% to 90%


Pick and choose

  • Auto valve with controller
  • Bottom connection with header and lateral
  • Platform, safety ladder, Davit arm


  • Removal of chlorine, organics, Tri-Halo methane (THM’s) odour and color
  • Improves the taste of water
  • Pre & post-treatment to reverse osmosis plant
  • Tertiary treatment for waste water treatment plant
  • Septic tank expansion